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Traditional cuisine,
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traditional cuisine

Following the inn ideology of the emblematic Fonda Europa in Granollers, hospitality starts at the table. A welcoming nature that begins at the stove and moves into the warmth of the room. Parellada, established in 1983, was a forerunner in providing traditional Catalan cuisine in the city. And in 2001 the rooms were inaugurated, the ideal complement to create a perfect duo.

Restaurant - Banys Orientals
Restaurant - Banys Orientals
Inn gastronomy

and casseroles

As exponents of traditional Catalan cuisine, we are home to picades, sofregits, roasts, rice dishes and surf and turf specialities. The music of simmering pots accompanies us, as we prepare the dish from start to finish: a cuisine of respect. A pleasant menu, symbolising a large cookbook with traditional dishes such as cannelloni, cap i pota (Catalan stew), escudella (Catalan stockpot), pig’s trotters and the Paella Parellada.

Restaurant - Banys Orientals